passion for stories

Creating futuristic worlds that capture my readers’ imagination allow me to present engaging ideas through an exhilarating medium.

The cosmos has fascinated me since I was a little boy still. There's a lot of inspiration in space exploration, futuristic technology, and philosophy, which make me want to tell stories about our place.

In the novels I'm currently writing Greek mythology has inspired me a lot. Olympians, Titans, Centaurs, and Pegagus have always caputred my imagination. When I was a kid, I loved two anime shows in particular. Ulysses 31 and Captain Future. I still do. Ulysses 31 is a beautiful blend between Greek mythology and a setting in the far future.


Those who know me know that I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. Although my stories don't resemble it much at all, its blend of futuristic settings and classical elements inspires me. (Particularly in Episode IV, which follows closely the hero's journey)

As a writer I'd like to tell stories, which are fun to read. Beyond that you should feel immersed in the worlds I create. If my stories make you laugh or cry, I succeded in my job.

So I look for ideas everywhere and in all mediums. Films, books, games, and daily life are full of inspiration. I also love interacting with other writers. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter or Intagram, even if you're not a writer yourself.