Price Rates & Details

  • I accept payments through PayPal or with any major credit card.
  • Prices are listed in euros (€), but if you want to pay in a different currency we can work out a conversion that suits us both.

EBOOK/Print formatting

Give me your docx/doc/pdf/txt files and I'll turn them into beautiful ebook files in both epub and mobi formats. That way you can offer them on any platform, including Amazon Kindle. I will test the ebook on my Kindle. When you receive the files make sure to test it on your Kindle or other ebook reader too.

I will also make a beautiful design for your print-on-demand needs.

Cost: Basic formatting 90 €


Rejoice! I make use of my passion for storytelling to offer you the most thorough editing proofreading, line-editing, and developmental editing. Whatever it is you need to make your story shine! I'll make sure your grammar and choice of words is on point. Alternatively, I will make sure your story and characters are at their best, so that you can convey the message you have in mind.

From beginning to end, I will work closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life. It's my job to make your style stand out even more, by avoiding hackneyed and clumsy word choices; I'll highlight your fascinating character development and plot.

If you want to discuss the possibility of me polishing your story to its most shiny self, then head over to the contact page and send me mail with more information about you and what it is you need help with.

Do you tell stories with spaceships, alien creatures, or contemplate our future? Then I'm the editor you need. I can work both in American or British English. Chicago or Oxford style. You tell me and I'll meet your needs.

Contact me for a sample 5 page edit, free of charge, so you get a feel for my style!


  • Grammar checking (verb tense, subject-verb agreement, etc.)
  • Spelling errors and correction
  • Punctuation and typo correction
  • No commentary on story, structure, character, etc.
  • Cost: 1.25 € per 300 words

Copy & Line Editing

  • Grammatical, spelling, and punctuation consistency
  • Factual consistency (real world facts as well as fictional world facts/consistency)
  • Line edits for sentence structure and style
  • Cost: 1.75 € per 300 words

Substantive Editing

  • Commentary and feedback on plot, character, theme, structure, worldbuilding, pacing, dialogue, and more
  • 4 weeks committed to your manuscript
  • 2 or more rounds of edits and feedback
  • Editorial letter sent upon first read-through. 
  • Cost: Determined by manuscript and needs of the author