The first manned mission to Mars is a success. For one year, a group of eight astronauts laid the foundations for a permanent outpost on the red planet.


150 years after the founding of the EU, and lasting peace, more states were included. With a name change, the Conglomerate of European Nations (COEN) extended its political and economical reach beyond the continent's borders.


Thirty people have been living permanently on the moon for three years. More are already on the way, to help sustain this first interplanetary colony.


On Mars, Colony One has reached a population of over three thousand. It's thriving with an increasing interest and a relentless export of valuable resources back to Earth.


A terrorist attack left much of downtown London in ruins. After that incident, politics became once more concerned with involving the whole planet in a landmark project to highlight humankind's greatest achievements.


For the first time, Project Zenith is mentioned in Parliament. It's presented as a milestone for all humankind. Most every nation of the world vows to be involved.


Construction of the twn Arcology spaceships has begun. They will carry thousands of colonist. The destination of their mission has not yet been decided, as viable planets are still being probed.